About Me


I'm Muhammad Fahri

A Software engineer based in Bekasi, Indonesia. I love building software that helps people solve their problems, learn something new, books, hang out & traveller something they call "Mantiq" and coffee.

I am the webmaster of this little home on the internet for my writing, projects, tutorials, and anything else I want to put out there

I write because I need to, sometimes I forget something and have trouble finding or remembering it, so I write it here.


Have a question or just want to chat? Feel free to email me. Try finding me anywhere else at @muhammadfahri


6+ years of professional development experience.

I started my career from internship as a technical support, which I will always be appreciative .Now I'm a lead software engineer currently working at Electrindo Inti Dinamika,a company that has been in the industrial world for 10 years, especially automation & manufacture.